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The Synergy between Arco and DreamCasa

Arco and DreamCasa share the same management structure. Together, they control and orchestrate the process of development from beginning to end. Generally, the Developer arranges the financing of the project, purchases the tract of land and does the marketing of the property, while the Builder constructs or renovates the premises. Once the construction work has been completed, the Developer manages the property to ultimately sell it. This integrated business model provides exceptional expertise in financing, designing, developing and marketing our properties. We value this combined effort as the key element to our success.

DreamCasa, The bigger picture: real estate development

Passive investment in real estate in profitable and resilient markets

DreamCasa offers unique architectural and design solutions to mostly residential, but also commercial, properties in the Boston metropolitan area and surrounding suburbs, thereby creating investment opportunities. Our unique business structure enables us to closely oversee the architectural alterations and refurbishment that take place in our projects. We capitalize on the Builder’s architectural design, which enhances the asset value thereby creating private investment opportunities that benefit from our business model. For this reason, we remain committed to overseeing all professional teams involved in the design and building process, which includes surveyors, consultants, designers, engineers, contractors and other specialists. An opportunity to buy or sell properties in the most prestigious residential markets in the Greater Boston area. The Developer evolved from the Builder’s positive name recognition within the areas it has successfully served over the last six years. We remain committed to playing a major role in these residential areas to expand and grow our presence in a very competitive market. Therefore, it is our intention to stay active in terms of both buying and selling properties.
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